Arjun Shukla
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I'm street and documentary photographer based in Allahabad, India. It all started by discovering my father's Zenit SLR in the house and asking myself "how does this work?". Started shooting some travel photos and portraits of friends and soon it evolved into artistic approaches. For me a good photograph is the one that changes your facial expression, your heartbeat when you look at it. You smile, you frown, you sigh, your eyes grow bigger and so on. This is because the photograph manages to reflect a feeling towards you.


I believe that after a certain point it is impossible to lose the passion for photography. It haunts you and you love to be haunted. It is the excitement of possibility that anything can happen anytime. It is the hope and belief that you have not taken your best shot yet. Knowing that you probably never will.


Street Photography teaches me to be patient, to observe and perceive my surroundings more precisely and to meet the unexpected. Photography holds a lot of meaning in my life. When I am shooting I am transported to a different world; a world where only my subject and I exist, oblivious of other things.


I love capturing people in their natural behavior and surroundings, carefully watching the scene and trying to stick around for a while. Sometimes its anticipation, and sometime it’s sheer luck.

Street Photography/Documentary is my favorite way of looking at the world and taking photographs gives me the power to stop time, appreciate the truth of the moment and question myself.


(Winner of London street photography festival 2018 in u-21 category)