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Arpit Narain Saxena
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Hi, my name is Arpit Narain Saxena and I am a  Delhi based photographer. My photography journey began when i was in my college and I saw students with DSLR cameras, I got fascinated and decided to learn photography. Back then I didn’t have a camera so I started doing photography with my phone .


I decided to buy my DSLR camera in my final year, after which I started doing street photography on a daily basis. It has improved my vision, and improved my sense in lighting. I also started seeing works of different street photographers, documentaries on  photography, and works of MAGNUM PHOTOGRAPHERS. Street photography gives me inner satisfaction and I can't live without it.

My biggest achievement was when my work got selected in AIFACS ( 12th All India Photo Exhibition) National Selection. 

Selected in AVAHAN National level photography competition.

Featured on various platforms ,

Winner in various online competitions like Indiaphotostory, WPF, etc.

After college I worked with an ad agency as a photographer. Now I am a full time freelance photographer, I do weddings, fashion, products, maternity shoots, events, pre-weddings etc.