ISPC Curation Guidelines


Alternate Mondays - Vipin Curator, Bhabani  to upload
Tuesday - Bunty Curator, Bhabani to upload
Wednesday - Vish to Curate, Bhabani to upload
Thursday - Shashi to curate, Gaurav upload
Friday - Eben to curate, Gaurav to upload 
Saturday - Guru to curate, Shubankar to upload
Sunday - Bithal to curate, Shubankar to upload

Point 1. These are days for post upload, we need to provide the images a day before with writeup, example - so if yours is Monday, so I will give the photo and write up by Sunday, preferably afternoon.

Point 2. So photos, we all are clear, should be regular street photography genre and not touristy travel or random photo of street.

Point 3. Write up needs to tell why you curated that image, not the description of the contents of the image. It should not be interpretation of the image by the curator, leave the interpretation to the viewer

Point 4. We do 3 photos a day, 1 member photo minimum, rest non-members. we are a collective and every collective features their members, we are not a featuring account. (1 member daily is not mandatory for October 2019, it is optional)

Point 5. You can refer the highlights to find which member have not been showcased for a long time, the names on left are recent, on right is oldest

Point 6. non-members who are featured in last 30 days are not repeated

Point 7. As we are SPC, we should prefer showcasing people who associate themselves with the street photography genre, just not one off photo which fits the genre, they should be into "it" too

Point 8. The process the curation is - 

  • Share 3 photos link in the curators whatsapp chat group in the first half of the day prior to your posting day for curators to vote. 

  • You should share the write up in the whatapp group for the admin to upload  the next day, after the images get enough votes.

  • Votes need = (n-1)/2 rounded down, where n is number of members in curators chat. Example if there are 10 members in chat group, votes need is (10-1)/2 = 4.5, rounded down is 4. 

Point 9. Alternate Monday, we will have contest results so only 10 stories of that, no posts.

Point 10. A Triptyph can also be curated and it is fine to feature previously featured photographer in this case. A Triptyph is a sequence or series of image that are similar or connected. The 3 photographs will be posted separately through the day and not as a series in instagram. 

Point 11. We won't be featuring master photographers, like Magnum Photographers, etc. they deserve an article, feel free to write and detailed article on them for our website, they should get the coverage they deserve.