Deepak Kumar
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I am Deepak Kumar from Haryana, I am a student of Visual Art. I did my Bachelors in Painting from Delhi University.  For my PG I moved to Banaras. I was first introduced to camera nearly 18 months ago when I worked on a small research project on Traditional Paintings of Banaras. Soon I realized that I am fascinated by Photography.

I started my early photography with Portrait Photography and then I saw works of artists like Vineet Vohra, Prashant Godbole, Vipin Singh, Suresh Nagnathan, Arpit Saxena and many others street photographers. There after my inclination shifted towards street photography.


In street, I observe the amalgamation of patterns, dramatic light, human expressions, and elements which narrate a story and provide a different and striking visual. I want to make ordinary scenes extra-ordinary. Nowadays, I am experimenting and working with Flash, soon you will see my works on that.