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Indra Jeet
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Photography is my meditation, intoxication & relaxation; that’s what it is, my relationship with photography in one line. By the way, I’m Indra Jeet, a chemical engineer by profession & photographer by passion, currently based in Mumbai. I feel fascinated by the power of photography that it allows you to create something in a moment. You can write love letters, complex prose, beautiful poetry, fictional movies and even world shaking philosophies all with just a click of the shutter. And the challenging part behind this art form is that you’ve to create all this with your real life conditions, real characters & real experiences. You’ve got no control on any of the element of your frame & yet you have to bring all the universe aligned to tell your story effectively.

I started photography in 2007 during my college days in Varanasi when I bought a point & shoot cam with my education loan money about which I lied to my family that it’ll only be sanctioned in the next semester. Like most of us, I also started with taking pictures which were more scenic & looked like paintings. I moved to Kerala for my job in 2010 & roamed the whole Kerala as I was more of a traveler than photographer till then. I shot Kerala from a travel photographer’s perspective. Then I moved to Mumbai in 2014 & was still shooting in travel mode. Somewhere in early 2017, I came to know about street photography & it changed the game completely. It added so many dimensions to my perspective & gave me much better means to translate my experiences into photographs to the closest extent of how I felt about an event or a scene. It was no more about beautiful pictures & my photographs started becoming more raw, real, at times complex yet humane. I try to bring more of humanity, human emotions & human experiences in my photographs. A great photograph to me is what gives you a sense of timelessness, it goes beyond the world of competitions & judgement. You should be able to look at it after ages & yet feel a connect with it.

Over these years, photography has become a life affair to me without any path breaking or universe shaking purposes behind. I enjoy photography like a glass of beer. What purpose you’ve got behind sipping a beer man? Still you want some content then there is one thing which I can say, the process of photography has given me opportunities to experience different form of lives & places with great proximity & depth. It has made my understanding of human behavior & the sense of place much sharper which is difficult to achieve otherwise. Yet, the loophole is, you never feel that you’ve understood enough J  So, I just keep going back to it again & again & try to translate those of my experiences & understandings into photographs.