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Manish Jaisi
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I am Manish Jaisi , a Delhi based photographer. I started my journey back in 2012 when my father brought home a digicam. Back then, I was interested in capturing macros, but have gradually moved to street and documentary style of photography. Two years back, I joined the banking sector as a full-time job, and that's when I started to experiment with flash in streets at night, as I am busy during the day time; and since then I have very much enjoyed this style of photography. 


Everyday things motivate me to make images, I believe the zeal and passion are very important for photography. Words from the master Mr. S Paul sir always keep ringing in my head, providing constant motivation. 

One of my biggest achievements came this year when I was awarded the National Award by Govt. of India in the field of photography. I believe every achievement should be enjoyed with much value. 

At times, I also take up commercial projects as well, like maternity, pre-weddings, weddings, and such shoots.