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An interview with national award winning photographer Manish Jaisi

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A conversation between national award winning photographer Manish Jaisi and India SPC co-founder Bhabani Sankar Mishra. Manish Jaisi, with a unique style of street photography of using flash at night, gives insights about his approach towards street photography and shares his national award winning photographs with us.

Bhabani Sankar Mishra: Thanks for giving us this opportunity to interact with you.

Your street photographs have a charm that is rare to find. How did you start doing Street Photography?

Manish Jaisi: First of all a big thanks for considering my work. I started photography back in 2012, my final year of graduation, when my Dad bought home a small digicam. Fell in love with taking Macro shots back then, but have gradually matured into a style of street and documentary photography. I felt this was the most challenging genre, so I started devoting time to this style of work.

Being in this field for quite some time now, what is your opinion about the street photography scene in India?

I believe India is doing great, we really have some amazing talents who are doing well and representing the country on international levels. Yes, the genre Street is often not read correctly by the masses, and that is where I believe we as India Street Photography Collective can bring in the knowledge to masses. 

We would love to know about your proudest achievement? And how did you achieve it?

Hands down that has to be the National Award. I got awarded this February by the Govt of India. I have been a fan of festivals around the country and have always tried to make the best of my time I get to shoot festivals. Luckily for me this year's theme was on festivals, I tried my luck and Voila!! Still a pretty crazy feeling. 

You shoot regularly, is it near home? What keeps you motivated to do it on a regular basis?

To tell you the truth, earlier I used to shoot almost daily, but two years back I joined a Finance Company as a Relationship Executive, and since then I have had limited time to make pictures, but I have learned to value that time and whenever I go out, I try to do my best. That is when, I started to experiment with flash, and that has been going on pretty well for me. And I have a crazy bunch of friends who are always there to support me. 

People from other genre of photography might say it's unethical to shoot without permission? How should we as street photographers address such acquisition?

Well, Street Photography is Candid, one can never ask someone to be candid to capture a picture. It's totally spontaneous, we try to read a scene and react to it. I don't see any unethical means there, Yes If someone is not happy we should respect their privacy. 

What type of images do you view as cliché, overdone, or too common?

I believe it's the photographer's vision. A bunch of photographers in a similar scene will bring out a bunch of perspective. Yes, it's not ethical if a work is being copied or staged.

There is some outstanding work in street photography in recent times. How do you place your work in the genre? Do you feel any pressure to perform or do you feel that every artist has their own style?

Have never thought about it that way. I think we all have a different vision , and that differentiates our works. One's work becomes their identity. And street being such a wide genre, there's always something different to explore. 

Who are your inspirations and why?

I believe inspiration should come from within yourself, your pictures are a reflection of yourself. So, it's you who should be pushing on to create new. I have never believed in taking inspiration from someone's work. Yes, it's good to read someone's work and try to take inspiration from the work, rather than pursuing the same. 

Your tip for any aspiring street photographers out there?

Stay true to the ethics. Shoot with your heart. Shoot with passion. Don't stop, photography is a never ending process, we keep learning everyday.

The images in this article are the national award winning images created by Manish for the theme - festivals of India, © Manish Jaisi.

You can find more of Manish's work at

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