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An interview with award winning Street Photographer Sachin Chauhan

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Sachin Chauhan, winner of Brussels Street Photography Festival 2019, talks about his approach to street photography and shares his experiences with us.

Bhabani Sankar Mishra: Street photography involves a lot of hard work and dedication and is not a very common genre, how did you get into it?

Sachin Chauhan: Yes. Totally agree. I think we don’t choose street, street chooses us. I am into photography since last three years. Street photography is just a beautiful accident which happened to me in my photography career. I started street seriously since last one year. Street is the only genre where you can shoot anywhere, and of course you don’t need any expensive gears, you just need a creative eye.

Once you are out on the streets what's your approach? What goes in your mind before you click the shutter?

For me street is 'Reaction on Action', that’s all. My mind is totally blank while doing street photography. I am always excited to experience something new in the streets. Photography is meditation for me. Photography helps me to present my body and mind at the same instance. Background matters to me a lot, because if we have strong story in foreground, but the background is not related to that frame, then the entire story will be dissolved. So, I am always conscious about my frame's background.

Congratulations on your series on lights being winner (Public) in BSPF 2019. Tell us what goes into making of a series and what would be your advice for others who want to make a series?

I entered into street accidentally and so was it for the series too. I just suggest one thing who want to work on series, just go and shoot what you like, and after 2-3 years you will find a pattern in your work. May be that pattern gives you a series. So, just go and shoot, don’t take pressure to make series and all.

How crucial is feedback in photography while learning, did you have any mentor? How can one find mentors or someone genuine to review their work?

Today, I am here just because of my mentors and friends. I am nothing without them. Mentors play a vital role in your life. But, remember to learn from everyone but follow no one. Today photographers copy their mentors which is wrong. Now, I consider every good photograph as my mentor, it does not matter for me whether the photograph is clicked by a famous photographer or a beginner. Choosing mentors is totally up to you but remember this decision makes your career or destroy your career, so be clear in your mind whether you want to become a photographer or an influencer.

What are you working on these days? What shall we be expecting from you in coming months?

Right now I just want to shoot. Not working on any special project. In future no idea… I told you photography is all about suspense.

You are one of the few Indians with a YouTube Channel on Street Photography, what triggered you to start it?

I think, today everybody wants to click beautiful pictures but nobody wants to create meaningful and deep photographs. My YouTube channel is all about my experience, my knowledge and my journey in photography. YouTube is on trend, I think it’s the best platform to share my knowledge with others. Its hard to manage everything... job, photography and YouTube but I am trying my best. YouTube is also accident for me! Got idea and just started!

You mentioned in one of your videos that we should learn more from books instead of social media, can you suggest a few to our readers to get inspiration from?

It is not essential from where you are taking inspiration from, photographers or photographs.

So you can read any good photography book that triggers your creativity. I take my inspiration from Hip Hop underground rapping.

You find more of Sachin's work at his instagram account

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