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My name is Sachin Chauhan. I am a Street Photographer based out of India. I am a self taught photographer and I am doing photography for last three years. Photography is meditation for me. I always believe, Photography is not about expensive gears and tools, it is about capturing souls in your frame. I love composing my photographs in color as well as black and white.

Actually, nowadays people judge photographs based on who the photographer is, if you are famous or renowned than everybody appreciates your photographs but if you did great job but you are not famous on social platform then people criticize your work. This is the worst truth which I have seen. That's why I always remember photographs not the photographer's name because according to me our photograph is our identity.

Consistency is the key to good work. Always trust your gears, because I have a Nikon crop sensor camera with standard 18-55 mm lens which is very slow and sometimes doesn't focus in dark. But I believe that  my camera will focus every time in all condition does not matters what environment condition it is. My camera is like a frame in my mind, and it captures the same frame as my mind thinks. So , always trust your gears.

I always follow a Rule "Learn from Everyone but Follow No one".