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Sayan Acharya
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Hi...I'm Sayan Acharya born in Guwahati, Assam and brought up in Kolkata, India, graduated from Calcutta University in commerce stream. I have deep love for painting right from my childhood, and now drawing has become my partial source of income. Capturing moments through the camera and drawing it on canvas from the memories has the similarities of composition and framing aesthetically.


As a painter, I used to observed and collected moments like facial expressions, body languages from the streets of Kolkata, which now helps me while taking photos. My journey as a photographer is in nascent stage now, but within a short period I have gathered a lot of experience which is very essential to be a good photographer and it is helping me a lot. I am a true lover of light and shadow photographs from the street and daily life. I also like to capture portraits, various rituals, festivals and celebrations of Bengal.

One thing more I would like to mention here, that my family, my friends and my well wishers, they are all supporting and encouraging me a lot, otherwise it would not be possible for me to continue this thrilling journey, and truly speaking, my entire ambition as a photographer would not be possible.