Shashi Shankar
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Hi readers, this is Shashi from Varanasi. I completed my graduation from Applied arts this year. Apart from photography, I love graphic design, digital art and typography. I am a street and documentary photographer based in Varanasi and Bodhgaya, India. I am inspired by works of Raghubir Singh. I like to take pictures of people, the way they talk, laugh or walk, these little things fascinate me a lot.

It all started when a few years ago my Godmother-an artist from Netherland named Marjolijn Rigtering gifted me a camera, the same camera I am using till now. I started taking photos afterwards but they were mostly about sunrise, flowers and butterflies. And I wasn't so serious about photography at that time until I attended a workshop of Vohra brothers. After that, I began exploring street and documentary photography. 

With every passing day, I am learning more new things and unlearning lots of old things. It's an everlasting process.


Awards: FIP Award 2019 - 2nd place

Spandan Interfaculty competition 2017.2019 - 1st place

Prafulla Art Dhahanukar Photography Contest 2018- 3rd place 

and about half a dozen more awards related to photography.

But the biggest award photography has given me is that it has taught me to see things in terms of layers, colours, contrast pattern, and repetition. this way I am always taking pictures even without my camera.