Vipin Singh
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Hi, I am Delhi based street photographer and film-maker. Photography is my hobby, passion and profession. Got started into photography with a mobile phone camera capturing interesting moments of friends in my hostel in Kota. Tried to explore different types of photography when i got my first DSLR but later on realized the satisfaction or hunger of street photography was the most for me. Being too introvert and street being totally into strangers was a perfect plug for me to step out of my comfort zone and change my perspectives about life and people. Old Delhi is my favorite place to shoot as you are never sort of interesting situations there. For many of us you can say it is our beloved playground for street photography.


I aspire to discover new ways of seeing things on street and enjoy my walk. Learning from masters I have realized you need to visit places you believe you can make a good shot, again and again. You will get bored but you will learn new things in street photography. Sense of anticipation will become stronger and your ability to place yourself at the right place and at the right time will become better.


My photographs have been published in natgeo yourshot, eyeshot magazine, Hipa, streetphotographyinternational and many other platforms. I was finalist in phosofia street photography festival and won the 19th in-street collective monthly thematic contest.