Vish Maradia
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I am a self taught Street Photographer, born in Karwar, Karnataka, brought up in Aamchi Mumbai, a Half Gujrati and Half Maharastrian but full Indian.;)


Photography for me has been holding my phone and clicking everything that fascinated me during my travel from Dahisar to my office in Andheri (Thanks to Mumbai Traffic).  I didn't even know there was a genre called “Street Photography” but I loved the faces and the moments that I saw on the roads. I love Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation as it lets me create everything that I imagined into a picture. 


My first DSLR came after a lot of savings and thinking and a push from my wildlife photographer friend Vishwanath Paranjpe. Initially to follow the suit I started my hunt for birds, insects and even moths, but thanks to my city birds were difficult to find. 


Then this day happened when a photography group exhibited two of my clicked landscape pictures with other amazing photographers and I heard Anita Mehta (Photo Journalist) explain her every picture with so much passion and a vision so different. That day changed something in me and I started reading and researching and even watching documentaries specially the one on Vivian Maier. 


Everything around me had suddenly changed and now it’s a year of shooting only the streets, that gave so many stories and angles that are so amazing and relaxing in its own way. 


I am still a self learner with no focused career as of now but one thing is for sure, I love Streets and I love my camera. These two things make me happy and I plan to stay with them.


Major learnings have come from Eric Kim's website teaching me different way of compositions, different way of finding that very moment on the street. My continuous craving for learning new things online got me to Magnum Photos. I started reading about their work and am deeply influenced.


I have no big accomplishments that I am very happy about but the journey has just begun and I have many more roads to explore.:) 


My aspiration is to learn more and more every day, improve more and more every day, meet more and more street photographers everyday and shoot in every corner of my country.